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Strategic Objective 6

Sustaining strong communities

 That are economically and socially included in places where people want to live and work, where they feel safe and are offered equality of opportunity.

How will we achieve success?

We will:

  • Engage and involve customers in the identification of issues and the development and delivery of interventions.
  • Ensure we have partners who will complement the needs of the community and our role.
  • Strive to build financial resilience by supporting people to develop their skills so they can gain sustained employment.
  • Work with young people to get them ready for the world of work
  • Reduce social isolation in communities
  • Develop projects in communities which enable older and vulnerable people to remain independent
  • Promote wellbeing and good health in our communities

How will we measure success?

Balancing communities economically and socially will be measured via the following suite of performance measures.

Performance Measure Level 1 
Social Value achieved through number of customers participating and progressing into employment, training, volunteering or further education
Percentage of sustainable community zones improved
Avoidable turnover as a percentage of overall tenancy turnover
Turnover of tenancies as a percentage of overall stock

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