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Introduction to Plan A

Welcome to Plan A, Livin’s first ever Business Strategy.

This high-level strategic plan covers April 2017 to March 2019 and represents a shift which focuses squarely on our customers and provides a clear direction for growing and diversifying our business. And it’s all done in line with our newly developed mission to “provide great homes, sustain strong communities and build a successful business.”

During its development, Livin and the social housing sector have experienced a relatively turbulent period of financial and regulatory challenges. Challenges which Livin has tackled head-on and met.  We believe these challenges should not affect the services we provide for over 11,500 social housing tenants, as well as a growing number of other customers. In fact, Plan A sets out an ambitious programme to focus relentlessly on the customer, grow our business, drive innovation, efficiency and productivity, and stay true to our social purpose. We are doing so because we believe that everyone deserves great services and a great customer experience, and because it makes business sense. This means that Livin is, more than ever, a social business which deploys a commercial approach to the interrelated ingredients of resourcing, service design and service delivery.

As well as staying true to our values, in developing Plan A we have been agile and resourceful to meet a very challenging mission. This has required us to introduce four new values: Productive, Lean, Unified and Sustainable – values which epitomise the increasingly commercial and diverse nature of our business, and strengthen our existing values of Excellence and Enterprise.

The plan is set against measurable and deliverable high-level objectives which have been designed to improve people’s lives and the communities of which they are a part. So while the means of delivery may become digital and more efficient, and while our employees and partners may become more productive and customer-focused under Plan A, building a successful business that provides great homes and supports customers to improve their lives will remain our vision. There is no Plan B!

Researching, preparing and writing this strategy required a lot of hard work and commitment, and took many months of co-ordination and refinement to present what is now a joined-up, complementary suite of objectives and targets. I would like to thank all at Livin who have contributed to the strategy. They have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to growing our business and delivering an excellent customer experience for the people and communities we serve.

Colin Steel
Chief Executive

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M0084668 Plan A 380x200 Computer.jpg Delivering an excellent customer experience
26.jpg Optimising return on assets
23.jpg Enabling sustainable tenure
M0084668 Plan A 380x200 Wheelbarrow.jpg Building and acquiring homes
M0084668 Plan A 380x200 Chair.jpg Improving existing homes
M0084668 Plan A 380x200 Waterring Can.jpg Sustaining strong communities

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