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Strategic Objective 2

Enabling sustainable tenure

By providing customers with personalised service offers across a range of tenures, which exceed their needs and expectations, and enables them to remain in homes they want to live in

How will we achieve success?

We will:

  • Develop new offers and services for low-cost home ownership and affordable rent for particular groups in need
  • Take a multi-faceted approach to sustaining tenancies, focusing on housing management, financial wellbeing, employability and any areas of service provision known to have high levels of dissatisfaction
  • Develop interventions, based on intelligence, which have a proven impact on sustaining tenancies
  • Improve the support offers to older and more vulnerable customers

How will we measure success?

Our success will be measured by tenancy sustainment figures, customer satisfaction and the reasons they give for terminating tenancies. Sustainable Tenure will be measured through the following level one performance measures.

Performance Measure Level 1 
Turnover of tenancies as a percentage of overall stock 
Avoidable turnover as a percentage of overall tenancy turnover 
Average re-let time (calendar days) standard properties (exc. Major works)
Percentage of rent lost due to dwellings becoming vacant


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