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Strategic Objective 1

Delivering an excellent customer experience

By providing accessible, instant services and products that are personalised and delivered through knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and reliable people and processes.

What will success look like?

Accessible services – offering easy-to-contact and available services when people need them.

Instant services – giving an immediate/prompt response and ongoing update to reassure customers their enquiry is in hand.

Personalised services – providing a tailored service that resonates with the customer and meets their needs.

Knowledgeable people – giving the correct service/advice/answer first time where possible.

Helpful people and processes – accommodating the needs of customers.

Responsive people and processes – delivering services that are easy to access and quick to respond.

Reliable people – ensuring we are dependable and do what we say.

How will we achieve success?

We will:

  • Ensure the delivery of the customer experience vision by creating a service culture. We will do this by monitoring, measuring, analysing and reporting on customer interaction quality on a real-time basis.
  • Develop a customer service behavioural framework derived from the vision, against which our employees will be assessed and monitored. This will ensure a common purpose that our employees fully understand and model.
  • Look for the ‘customer gene’ in recruitment activity and will search for employees who share the same values as those set out in the vision.
  • Develop a ‘continuous conversation’ with customers including analysis of complaints to understand their needs, personalise the service and achieve the customer experience vision.

How will we measure success?

Ultimately, our success will be measured through customer satisfaction, customer perception, levels of complaints and customer loyalty/retention.

Customer experience will be measured through the following level one performance measures.

Performance Measure Level 1 
Overall satisfaction with customer experience 
Percentage of contact dealt with at first point of contact


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